Environmental Policy

Allegro® MicroSystems, Inc. is dedicated to being a responsive supplier of high-performance semiconductors.  We are committed to continuous improvement and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Allegro will strive to improve the environmental quality of its products and facilities through the pursuit of the following goals:

MINIMIZE Environmental Impact

  • Establish and maintain policies, programs and practices to conduct operations in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Incorporate pollution prevention procedures into business operations and new product planning
  • Develop high efficiency product solutions to meet the needs of emerging green energy applications

COMPLY with Applicable Laws and Regulations

  • Identify, evaluate, and comply with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws, environmental requirements of our customers and industry standards
  • Monitor environmental developments and integrate requirements into business plans and operations

CONSERVE Natural Resources

  • Establish and sustain programs to minimize our use of electricity, natural gas, water, and chemicals
  • Reduce the quantity of non-recycled waste that is produced
  • Encourage our employees, contractors, and suppliers to support our conservation objectives

 Allegro Environmental Policy