A5348 and A5367: Ionization Smoke Detectors with Interconnect and Timer

DIP Package


Top Features

The A5367 and A5348 are low-current smoke detector IC’s that provide all of the required features for an ionization-type smoke detector. Networking capability allows as many as 125 units to be interconnected so that if any unit senses smoke all units will sound their alarm. In addition, special features are incorporated to facilitate alignment and test of the finished smoke detector.

The internal oscillator and timing circuitry keep standby power to a minimum by powering down the device for 1.66 seconds and sensing for smoke for only 10 ms. Every 24 on-off cycles, a check is made for a low battery condition. By substituting other types of sensor ICs or a switch for the ionization detector, this very-low–power device can be used in numerous other battery-operated safety/security applications.

The A5367 is supplied in a low-cost 16-pin dual in-line plastic package (DIP). It is rated for continuous operation over the temperature range of –10°C to 60°C. The Pb (lead) free version (suffix –T) has 100% matte tin leadframe plating. These devices are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for use in smoke alarms that comply with Standard UL217 or UL268, per file #S2113.

  • Low average standby current for long battery life
  • Interconnect up to 125 detectors
  • Piezoelectric horn driver
  • Guard outputs for detector input
  • Pulse testing for low battery
  • Power-On Reset (POR)
  • Internal reverse battery protection
  • Timer (Hush) mode for enabling reduced sensitivity period
  • Built-in hysteresis reduces false triggering
  • Temporal horn pattern, per UL217, NFPA72, and ISO8201
  • UL Recognized for UL217 or UL268 applications
DIP Package


The A5367 is supplied in a low-cost 16-pin dual in-line plastic package (DIP) (Suffix A)

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