A16311: Self-Calibrating Automatic-TPOS Camshaft Speed Sensor IC


The A16311PUCA is a True Power-On State camshaft sensor incorporating an advanced fully synchronous digital IC and EMC protection circuit all in a single sensing solution.

The A16311 is a single element Hall-effect sensor IC which, when paired with a back-biasing magnetic circuit, switches in response to magnetic signals induced by a ferromagnetic target. The IC contains a sophisticated digital circuit designed to match the temperature behavior of the back-biasing magnet (either SmCo or NdFeB). Advanced signal processing is used to provide zero-speed performance independent of installation air gap and is designed for the typical operating conditions found in automotive camshaft sensing applications. The resulting output of the device is a digital representation of the ferromagnetic target profile.

The A16311 is highly programmable with many options to allow for performance optimization to meet specific application requirements.

The A16311 is provided in a 3-pin SIP package (UCA) that is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.

For applications that require an integrated back-bias magnet for directly measuring camshafts, please see the ATS16301.

Top Features

  • Allegro UC package with integrated EMC components reduces need for external EMI protection
  • True target state recognition at device power-on (TPOS) with automatic TPOS self-programming capability
  • EEPROM programming for performance optimization, temperature compensation, and production traceability
  • Chopper stabilization reduces offset drift

Part Number Specifications and Availability

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3-pin SIP (suffix UC)