A80804: 4-Channel High-Power Linear LED Driver With Individual PWM Control



Top Features

The A80804/A80804-1 are linear, programmable current controllers that make it possible to regulate LED current in four strings using external MOSFETs. The linear LED drivers provide high power for automotive lighting applications through multiple, independently-configurable channels. In addition to targeted applications such as DRL/position and stop/tail lights, the A80804/A80804-1 give lighting designers increased design flexibility for popular features such as sequential turn signals, animation effects, and theater-style transitions.

The A80804/A80804-1 are Allegro’s first four-channel linear drivers for high-power LEDs, and help lower total system costs by reducing the number of ICs required to meet customer needs. No switching elements or inductors are required, and the low EMI output helps both ICs achieve CISPR25 Class 5 compliance. They also offer multiple analog and PWM dimming methods, dual brightness mode operation, and are configurable without the need for a microcontroller.

The A80804/A80804-1 incorporate “MINOUT” function to feed a signal back to a pre-regulated supply, which helps designers significantly reduce power losses by dynamically adjusting for the inherent changes in LED Vf versus temperature. They achieve <1% PWM duty cycle at 200Hz, with adjustable on-to-off slew rate control, helping provide a wider dimming range for transitions and lighting effects. 

  • Internal and external PWM dimming options
  • Two ADIM pins for LED binning, NTC feedback, or hybrid analog/PWM dimming
  • Adjustable integrated LED current derating for elevated VIN
  • Integrated LED current derating for elevated IC junction temperature
  • MINOUT signal for trimming pre-regulator to minimize power loss
  • Selectable LED current slew rate limit during PWM dimming
  • Extensive fault detection and protection
  • Current sense voltage options of 500mV (A80804) for better BCI immunity or 200mV (A80804-1) for lower power dissipation in the sense resistors

Typical Applications

  • Automotive Medium-Power LED Lighting Systems
  • Fog Lights, Backup Lights, Daytime Running Lights, Position Lights, Sequential Lights

Part Number Specifications and Availability

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
Part Composition /
RoHS Data
Comments Samples Check Stock
A80804KETASR 32-lead QFN -40°C to 125°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
A80804KETASR-1 32-lead QFN -40°C to 125°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock

Allegro’s products are not to be used in any devices or systems, including but not limited to life support devices or systems, in which a failure of Allegro’s product can reasonably be expected to cause bodily harm.



32-pin QFN Wettable Flank (Suffix ET)

ET Packaging Documentation

Design Support Tools

A80804 Demo Board User Manual


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