Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems

You're building the cars of the future—today. We have the power and sensing solutions you need to bring your breakthrough innovations to life—today. 

Our solutions are commonly used in many 48V and HEV applications, including battery monitoring and onboard chargers, DC/DC converters and regulators, BLDC gate drivers and more. We offer benefits like superior safety for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, including ISO 26262 certification; high levels of integration for redundancy and heterogenous diversity; current sensors that maximize power density; market-leading, low noise sensors and motor drivers that reduce undesired noise in electric motors; and more.

Heating and Cooling Systems


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Inverter Systems


DC/DC Converters and Charging


Safety and ADAS Systems


Largest selection of 48V Automotive Grade 0 Gate Drivers

At Allegro, we know vehicle electrification and emission controls require innovative solutions for 48V bus. That is why we offer the most extensive portfolio of 48V solutions that reduce environmental impact in mild hybrid engines. Our robust and precise family of 48V products are designed for safety including architectures for DC motors, actuators, and series loads. 

Allegro has also expanded it’s 48V portfolio with 80V rated devices developed on ISO26262 compliant design process. 


Featured Products

A89500: 100V Fast Switching Half Bridge MOSFET Driver

A89503: 5.5V - 80V ASIL Half-Bridge MOSFET Gate Drive for Series Loads

AMT49502: 5.5V - 80V ASIL Half-Bridge MOSFET Gate Drive

AMT49100 and AMT49101:ASIL BLDC MOSFET Gate Drive for 48V Battery Systems